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Bill's Beer Run 5 Miler

The Manasota Track Club Scholarship Program was founded in 2007. It was established by the MTC Board of Directors to provide deserving local area student-athletes with scholarships toward their college tuition. The program is funded by member donations and a percentage of the proceeds from our club’s signature run, Bill’s Beer Run. The scholarships are open to all local area student runners (both track and cross country); students must live in Sarasota County to apply. The application is available online and through their school’s guidance counselors and athletic coaches. Students must complete the application, adhere to the criteria in the application and submit their materials in the spring. The MTC Scholarship Committee reviews each application and makes selections for the scholarship awards in April of each year. Scholarship recipients are notified by the MTC and are awarded their scholarships in May. Scholarship recipients are notified by the MTC and are awarded their scholarships in May. Since its inception in 2007, our recipients have received a total of $109,000 in college tuition assistance.


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